With the holidays upon us, often it is easy to lose sight of retail goals while focusing on services. Salons
that retail properly during this time will see record profits when taking the correct approach.

Do you need more holiday goods?  Some salons have already sold out of kits and are placing
additional orders.  There are still kits left, and there is a pre-black Friday sale in progress! Your
Distributor Salon Consultant can assist you with this.

Do you have your holiday kits displayed so that it WOWs your customers? Display the products
so that customers can see what is in the kits. Make sure pricing is visible.  Customers typically
will not ask and pass it up if the price is not clearly marked. 

Are you using social media to your advantage? Eye-catching photos and content will get
customers and potential new customers involved.

Run contests for staff and customers! These are great ways to get holiday retail engagement.
An example would be a holiday drawing. Customers who purchase holiday kits will be
entered for each kit purchased. Write the stylist’s name and the customer’s name on the entry. At
the end of the contest time frame, you draw 1 name and the employee and customer get a
customized holiday prize. 

Is your team talking up retail? Are you paying attention to how they talk about the products to
the customers? Are you coaching them when you see that they are not mentioning products?
Are you helping them understand why this is so important? The #1 reason that customers do
not buy products from a salon is simply because they are not recommended products by the

Is your entire retail area merchandised neatly, dust-free and impactful? Do you have signage or
shelf-talkers to enhance your customer’s shopping experience? These really help attract
shoppers and explain the benefits and features of the products. 

Track what you sell daily and act quickly to fill up your out-of-stock items. Customers that are
buying product as gifts or even for themselves will be disappointed if what they want (and need) is
unavailable. They will likely go elsewhere to purchase if you don’t have it for them. Have a
game plan to keep your shelves full. 

Styling tools are also great gifts! We have awesome wavers, mini professional travel dryers,
styling tools, professional brushes, and more! These are things that customers splurge on during the

Do you have staff that could use additional product knowledge? This is the time of year when
they should be ready to speak about the products. Make sure they are well-versed and have
quick access to product information.

Demo, play, and have fun! Create excitement in your salon by showing customers curling
techniques, how to wave the hair, smoothing ideas, etc. Display any product, and recap in what
order and how much is used.

These are some excellent tips! We look forward to seeing each of you have continued success!
We hope you have the best holiday season ever! Let us know if we can be of assistance.