Now that you are a salon business owner there are some best practices that you should follow to insure your success. Most salon businesses regularly order professional products from distributors. When receiving these orders into the salon inventory do you have an official procedure? You should so here is what we recommend:

  • Shipping company delivers the shipment – confirm that all boxes from the shipment are present. On the shipping label it will denote the total number of boxes in the delivery and which box you are currently viewing. If a box is missing most times the driver will deliver it the next day.
  • Open the shipment – most of the time a copy of the invoice will be in box one. Once you have the invoice proceed to unpack the boxes. Carefully examine all packing material to insure it doesn’t contain a product.
  • Check off the items – Line by line check off the items on the invoice as received. If an item is missing pay close attention to the re-order section at the bottom of the invoice. If an item ordered is out of stock, we ask that you place that item on your next order. Also check the boxes and packing material again. Make sure that you completely check off the items in the shipment before anyone removes any of the items from the area.
  • Finally, once your order is officially received you can proceed with stocking the items on your shelf or dispensary. We suggest to rotate your product so you use the oldest product first. This lets you know you are using the best quality products at all times.

Prestige uses state of the art computer scanning equipment to pick and check your orders. All orders are picked, packed and shipped in a manner that insures you will receive your products quickly, correctly and in a timely manner 100% of the time. OK, we do sometimes make mistakes but we find that more often salons with inconsistent receiving procedures make the mistakes.

The most common receiving mistakes we find are:

  • Did not receive all boxes in the shipment
  • Product gets overlooked in the packing material
  • The number one receiving mistake we find is that someone in the salon “needed” that product urgently before it was received by the official process.

Once these steps have been followed if you find that something is wrong, missing or damaged from your order, please contact your Prestige representative within 24 hours. Have your invoice in hand when calling because we will want your account name and invoice number to quickly fix your issue.